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Here are the most popular stories on the website from the last few days:

New speakers announced for global Regulatory Summit 2014

Cosmetics Business continues to release the program of speakers who will be part of this year's global Regulatory Summit held in Brussels, Belgium on 17-18 June

UK beauty industry worth over £15bn

Nail salon openings boost growth of beauty sector

Bio diversity

Organic beauty plays a distinct role in Europe and brands in this sector are making waves. Annemarie Kruse analyses the key markets, their emerging trends and the challenges they face

SEPPIC presents new skin lightening active ingredient

Sea Shine by BiotechMarine is designed to lighten skin and improve blemishes with marine algae complex

Changes afoot in Brazil's male toiletries market

Brazilís fast growing economy driving fundamental change in male toiletries market, according to Canadean

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