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Please supply a 250-500 word description of the award entry. You may edit this as many times as necessary until the competition is closed.

Entry help

  1. Select a category.
  2. Enter the project or product name in the title field and then a description of 250-500 words.
  3. Proceed to payment to establish your award entry.
  4. After payment, but only after payment, you can attach images, statements and where appropriate drawings. You can add upto 9 attachments (but not videos) each with a limit of 10MB in size, let us know if this causes a problem.

In addition to the description the judges will look favourably on any authentic, identifiable patient, staff or user testimony. These can be supplied as an attachment, we suggest no more than 3 each of around 50 words.

n.b.The judges must be allowed reasonable access to people or documents to make enquiries during the judging process. The judges decision is final and binding. In addition as part of the terms of entering you grant HPCi Media Limited permission to reproduce written material and images submitted by you to promote these or subsequent awards events.

Contact the BBH Awards team on +44(0)207 193 6654 or email for information or help with your award entry.