Cleanroom Technology Conference

Cleanroom Technology Conference 2019

The complete agenda for the 2019 Cleanroom Technology Conference is yet to be confirmed and some topics may be subject to change or cancellation. To receive the latest updates, please sign up for the Cleanroom Technology weekly eNews Alerts.


Day 1: Compliance and Regulations


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Annex 1 – ISO 14644
part1&2 updates and final revisions

Microbial aspects of water quality in Cleanroom environments.

Cleaning and disinfection

Contamincation Free Manufacturing – AMC and SMC in the cleanrooms

Food Safety
GMP and contamination control for the food industry

Risk assesment
A practical approach to risk assesment of cleanroom garments in line with GMP Annex 1 – revised version

Filter Testing
Comparison of ISO14644-3 filter testing techniques – photometers and particle counters

A look at the potential impact on regulations and the supply chain! Are you BREXIT ready?

Day 2: Cleanroom Design and Operations


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Cleanroom Design
A scientific approach to pharma cleanroom design

Energy useage for Cleanrooms, designing in efficiency and sustainability

It’s only an air filter!

The Human Factor
Understanding and monitoring the operator behaviour to minimise contamination

Food Hygiene
A systems approach to hygiene in food processing environments/p>

Maxmising sterility assurance – protecting equipment pre and post sterilisation

A practical approach to measuring cleanroom residues from manual disinfectants

Cleaning and disinfection program: wiping in the contect of GMP Annex 1 revision