Manufacturing Chemist Live 2020: Agenda

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Day 1: Compliance and regulations


Welcome address

SMEPAC Guidelines
Driving High Potency Facilities and Equipment

Critical Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Considerations for HPAPI Production

Success in Highly Potent API Manufacturing

Best Development Strategies for HPAPIs

The Use of Multiple Technologies – Fermentation and Spray Drying

Rabs vs Isolators!
What is the right solution for your API/HPAPI processing requirements

Improving Manufacturing Efficiency
Containment Valves and Wireless Monitoring

End of day panel discussion

Day 2: Operations


Welcome address

Design of a Mid-Scale HPAPI Commercial Facility

Highly Potent APIs: Safe and Effective Containment within a GMP Environment

From development to commercialisation: overcoming scale-up issues

Migrating technology and processes to a new facility

Eliminating the use of PPE in your manufacturing facility

The case of the faulty valve!
Containment Strategies for the Safe and Effective Production of HPAPIs

A Modular Approach to Low-Fill Packaging Applications
Materials for HPAPI

ADCs and the Future of HPAPIs