Cosmetics Business Packaging Live

Tuesday, 8th October

Time   Regulation and Standards Speaker
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11:15-11:25 Welcome

Welcome and opening session

Emma Reinhold
Cosmetics Business

11:15-11:25 Welcome

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11:35-12:35 Opening Address

The future of packaging

This presentation looks at how environmentally-friendly, re-usable and recyclable packaging will become the norm in future, demanded by consumers who are increasingly informed by lobbying and media campaigns, and driven by growing levels of international government legislation.

Cope will look in detail at the consumer drivers behind this, current scenario forecasts, consumers’ attitudes to packaging across Europe and the best sustainable packaging innovations we are seeing worldwide.

Richard Cope
Senior Trends Consultant

12:35-13:15 CB Innovation

How can smart packaging and connected solutions drive sustainable change?

Recycling cannot be advertised on a national level, because the guidelines on what can and cannot be recycled differ from city to city. Therefore, connected packaging can play a pivotal role in providing location-specific advice, and help them to dispose of their products correctly.

In this session, SharpEnd managing director Rob Hollands will detail how the opportunity for embracing the Internet of Things is broad. This session will explore recent case studies, including a sustainability behaviour change programme for Unilever, and SharpEnd’s research recent project with Horizon 2020 to reduce consumer confusion around recycling.

Rob Holland
Managing Director

13.15-14:15 LUNCH  
14:15-14:55 Sustainability

The survival guide for sustainable packaging

A study by Euromonitor found that eco-friendly packaging is more important to consumers than ever, with a growing number of consumers now checking that packaging is environmentally friendly before purchasing their beauty must-haves. This session will provide a step-by-step guide on how brands can move to sustainable packaging with ease in response to consumer demand.

Gary Parker
Sustainability Group Head
Health Environmental & Regulatory Services

14:55-15:35 Sustainability

How to ensure your products won’t end up in the ocean or landfill

More than 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, and much of this ends up on landfill. Learn innovative ways in which your packaging can be re-used post-product to reduce the impact on the environment

Caroline Frery
Head of Busines Development

15:35-16:00 BREAK    
16:00-16:40 CB Innovation

Meeting a very big A.S.K. – how to design next-generation beauty brands

Long gone are the days when beauty brands could sit prettily on a shelf, awaiting discovery. Today’s consumer can engage with beauty virtually anywhere at any time: via Instagram’s in-app checkout or voice assistant at home or even in an Uber with Cargo’s in-car beauty sampling box. And at the same time, beauty consumers are increasingly concerned with the social and environmental impacts of what they’re buying.

Nick Vaus will look at how beauty brand design can meet these triple demands of Aesthetics, Sustainability and Kinship to deliver products and packaging that work beautifully in every channel, and for the wider world.

Nick Vaus
Creative Director
Free The Birds

16:40-17:20 Materials

Are bio-based plastics an alternative source to cosmetic packaging?

This talk will answer how cosmetic packaging can be produced with alternative source materials coexisting with current legislation, safety issues, and consumer trends.

Research is focused in the development of high quality materials by using additives or high performance polymers. Active packaging also plays an important role in cosmetic packaging since it can help to reduce preservatives from the cosmetic formulation. These technologies are mapping the way of cosmetics towards a more sustainable packaging-product choices.

María Jordá
Reseacher, New Packaging Materials

17:20-17:30 BREAK    
17:30-18:10 CB Innovation

Smart packaging isn’t that smart … yet.

Stephen McSpadden, Product Manager at Cutitronics, will address the missed opportunities that the status quo in smart packaging delivers to brands and consumers in the cosmetics business today. He will then deliver insights on what 21st Century smart packaging could be capable of based on technology and solutions that are already deployed at scale in other domains based on his 20+ years experience in those areas. Technology and solutions to deliver supply chain pedigree as well as product integrity will feature in the presentation as well as how truly smart packaging can deliver on the often promised intimate relationship between consumer and brand to the benefit of both.

Stephen McSpadden
Product Manager

18:10-19:30   Networking and drinks evening  

Wednesday, 9th October

Time   Regulation and Standards Speaker
08:30-08:55   Registration  
08:55-09:10 Welcome

Review day 1

Emma Reinhold
Cosmetics Business

09:10-09:50 Materials

Renewable + Reusable + Recyclable + Biodegradable, new packaging materials are
more than alternatives to plastics

Stay ahead of the new trends for 2020 and stand out from the crowd by attending this session led by Esther Cuso from Paptic at Cosmetics Business Packaging Live. Walk away inspired with alternative materials to use to replace plastic, enabling you to create products to please your customers.

Esther Cuso
Iberia Agent
Paptic Oy

09:50-10:20 BREAK    
10:20-11:00 Sustainability

Ocean Plastics: What preventative measures can brands take

This session will discuss what steps brands can do to avoid their products ending up the ocean, case studies of cosmetic pollution in the ocean and banishing microplastics.

To be confirmed
Plastic Oceans

11:00-11:40 Sustainability

Sustainable Certifications

Sustainable certification plays a key part in demonstrating business compliance and helping consumers easily identify brands that respect environmental principles. But a recent survey showed that although 73% of brand decision-makers view sustainability as an opportunity for their business, over half have little knowledge of packaging regulations and legislation in the packaging industry.

This presentation will address this issue, and talk delegates through sustainable certifications and the steps that can be taken to become more sustainable.

Federica Cionci
Project Coordinator
Control Union

11:40-12:20 Materials

Responsible Convenience – It’s in our hands

Single-use plastic is currently one of the hottest topics along the entire value chain. Since the media has mainly focused on commodities such as single-use straws and plastic bags, not many people are aware of the fact that wet wipes (e.g. make-up remover wipes) are one of the biggest plastic polluters on European beaches. Primary consumer research among 4,000+ consumers in 14 markets worldwide forms the basis for this interactive case study.

Based on these consumer insights, the presentation will talk about the potential impact of the recently published EU Single-Use Plastics Directive on convenience products such as wipes. In attending this presentation, you will hear how Lenzing collaborates with brands and retailers with the ambition to pioneer a new era of responsible convenience.

Melanie Sumereder
Sustainable Relations Manager

12.20-13:20 LUNCH  
13:20-14:00 Sustainability

Sustainability in Packaging: A brand’s story

Soaper Duper make naturally-derived bath and body products. Their iconic bubble bottle was designed by genius industrial designer, Ross Lovegrove. Each of their products is made from recycled plastics, their body wash bottle is made of 50% PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic, their pumps are 100% plastic which makes them 100% recyclable, and their tubes are 55% PCR (the most you can use without the plastic turning crinkly and not being functional).

In this session, Thomas Bouvier will share present the brand’s goals and identity and share their story.

Thomas Bouvier
Marketing Manager
Soaper Duper

14:00-15:00 Panel Debate

How sustainable is sustainable?

Our panel of experts will discuss everything from sourcing local to green washing claims.

Helga Hertsig-Lavocah, Founder, Hint Futurology

Esther Cuso, Iberia Agent, Paptic Oy

Julia Wray, Editor, SPC

15:00-15:20 BREAK    
15:2–16:00 CB Innovation

Can in-store refill stations rescue bricks & mortar retail and save the planet?

Refill stations will rejuvenate bricks and mortar retail. Across all price points, the refill station creates a moment of engagement and ultimately relationship building between product/brand and client. Applicable to every category, from face masks to shampoo.

Helga Hertsig-Lavocah
Senior Trend Watcher and Founder
Hint Futurology

16:00-16:40 CB Innovation

The Soap Co. Journey

Designed for Good. Camilla will explain The Soap Co.’s amazing journey that, from inception, focused on a ‘No Compromise’ approach, rather than the traditional focus on shifting product with maximum profit.

Marcus-Dew will detail how The Soap Co. continued journey to source better materials, work with local crafts people, create award winning designs and products, embrace circular principles and continue blazing the trail as a leader in the luxury bath and beauty sector – and not to mention, their USP as a leading disability employer.

Camilla Marcus-Dew
Head of Sustainable Growth

16:40-16:45   Review of day two  
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