Cosmetics Business Packaging Live

Tuesday, 8 October

Time   Regulation and Standards Speaker
10:20-11:15   Registration  
11:15-11:35 Welcome

Welcome and opening session

Lucy Tandon Copp
Cosmetics Business

11:35-12:35 Opening Address

Packaging – what you should expect in 2020 and beyond.

An update on the latest and upcoming trends. This presentation will advise brands how they can get ahead of the game.


12:35-13:15 Sustainability

Global Sustainability – how to become plastic-free?

To be Confirmed

A Plastic Planet

13.15-14:15 LUNCH  
14:15-14:55 CB Innovation

The survival guide for sustainable packaging

A study by Euromonitor found that eco-friendly packaging is more important to consumers than ever, with a growing number of consumers now checking that packaging is environmentally friendly before purchasing their beauty must-haves. This session will provide a step-by-step guide on how brands can move to sustainable packaging with ease in response to consumer demand.

Gary Parker
Sustainability Group Head
Health Environmental & Regulatory Services

14:55-15:35 CB Innovation

How to ensure your products won’t end up in the ocean or landfill

More than 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, and much of this ends up on landfill. Learn innovative ways in which your packaging can be re-used post-product to reduce the impact on the environment

Caroline Frery
Head of Busines Development

15:35-16:00 BREAK    
16:00-16:40 CB Innovation

Long gone are the days when beauty brands could sit prettily on a shelf, awaiting discovery. Today’s consumer can engage with beauty virtually anywhere at any time: via Instagram’s in-app checkout or voice assistant at home or even in an Uber with Cargo’s in-car beauty sampling box. And at the same time, beauty consumers are increasingly concerned with the social and environmental impacts of what they’re buying.
Nick Vaus will look at how beauty brand design can meet these triple demands of Aesthetics, Sustainability and Kinship to deliver products and packaging that work beautifully in every channel, and for the wider world.

Nick Vaus
Creative Director
Free The Birds

16:40-17:20 Materials

Tech and Pack, how brands are embracing technology to tackle packaging waste

To be confirmed

17:20-17:30 BREAK    
17:30-18:10 CB Innovation

Smart packaging isn’t that smart … yet.

Stephen McSpadden, Product Manager at Cutitronics, will address the missed opportunities that the status quo in smart packaging delivers to brands and consumers in the cosmetics business today. He will then deliver insights on what 21st Century smart packaging could be capable of based on technology and solutions that are already deployed at scale in other domains based on his 20+ years experience in those areas. Technology and solutions to deliver supply chain pedigree as well as product integrity will feature in the presentation as well as how truly smart packaging can deliver on the often promised intimate relationship between consumer and brand to the benefit of both.

Stephen McSpadden
Product Manager

18:10-19:30   Networking and drinks evening  

Wednesday, 9th October

Time   Regulation and Standards Speaker
08:30-08:55   Registration  
08:55-09:10 Welcome

Review day 1

Lucy Tandon Copp
Cosmetics Business

08:25-09:10 Claims

Alternatives to plastics, new trends for 2020

Stay ahead of the new trends for 2020 and stand out from the crowd by attending this session led by Esther Cuso from Paptic at Cosmetics Business Packaging Live. Walk away inspired with alternative materials to use to replace plastic, enabling you to create products to please your customers.

Esther Cuso
Area Manager

09:50-10:20 BREAK    
10:20-11:00 CB Innovation

Ocean Plastics – a case study

To be confirmed

11:00-11:40 CB Innovation

Recycling PET.

While more brands are opting for natural materials instead, there are complications when it comes to recycling due to the combination of materials used. One way to overcome this is by swapping to a simple, recyclable option. PET is a reusable and recyclable plastic with many uses, and is great for packaging cosmetics and body care products. So how can you transition into using PET materials for your cosmetics?

To be confirmed

11:40-12:20 Sustainability

After the product has been used, what can you do to encourage that it doesn’t go straight to landfill

This session will look at how brands and manufacturers can create products that will offer longevity. Plus, what can brands do to encourage consumers to reuse and upcycle.

To be confirmed

12.20-13:20 LUNCH  
13:20-14:00 Materials

Are bio-based materials an alternative source to plastics?

This session will cover everything that you need to know about which bio-based materials are biodegrable and how to avoid green-washing.


14:00-14:40 Panel Debate

How sustainable is sustainable?

Our panel of experts will discuss everything from sourcing local to green washing claims.

To be confirmed

14:40-15:00 BREAK    
15:00-16:00 Materials

Is it possible for wet wipes and sheets join the sustainable movement?

The global war on wet wipes is gearing up to be one of the toughest battles for environmentalists worldwide. At Cosmetics Business Packaging Live the future of wet wipes in the beauty industry will be discussed at length, with industry experts leading a discussion on their solubility, plus wet wipe alternatives.

To be confirmed

16:00-16:40 Sustainability

Sustainability at Scale

Discover how you can remain sustainable when supplying products on a mass scale.

16:40-16:45   Review of day two  
16:45 CLOSE