Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit

Tuesday, 9 October

Time   Regulation and Standards Speaker
9:00-09:45   Registration  
09:45-10:10 Welcome

Welcome and opening session

Richard Hesk
Cosmetics Business

10:10-10:50 Compliance

An overview on EU Cosmetics Regulation

Five years on; what impact has the EU Cosmetic Regulation had on business and what recent amendments need to be effectively managed before the wider upcoming implications of BREXIT

Sandra Ferretti
Chief Compliance Officer
Obelis Group

10:50-11:30 Compliance

Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Products: Principles, Practices & Problems

The introduction of the EU Cosmetic Regulation 5 years ago triggered a significant shift in the approach to the assessment of finished cosmetic products. This interactive session explores some of those changes and the ongoing challenges they pose to safety assessors and the industry at large.

Ray Boughton
Delphic HSE
Technical Director

11:30-11:55 BREAK    
11:55-12:35 Country Focus

Exploring the diverse Indonesian Market

The presentation will focus on the current Halal regulation, its associated authorities and roles, expected changes over the next 18 months (with short-and mid-term consequences) and an outlook on the Halal regulation in Indonesia.

Robert Koller
Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs

12:35-13:15 Trend

The rise of Halal beauty

The halal beauty market has already taken off in the Middle East and Asia, but now it is gaining popularity in the West. There is an opportunity for natural and organic brands to easily adjust their ingredients and production methods to meet halal certification.

  • This presentation will take a look at Halalcosco, the first halal certified brand to launch at a major supermarket chain in the UK. Salma Chaudhry, the owner of Halalcosco will be presenting an overview on the regulatory parameters for halal certification.
  • Salma Chaudhry

    13.15-14:15 LUNCH  
    14:15-14:55 Country Focus

    South America: How to enter the ANDEAN community

    Regulations and compliance of the South American Andean countries including Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

  • This session will guide you on how to overcome the regulatory hurdles needed to enter these lucrative cosmetics market and highlight country-specific legal requirements.
  • Paola Becvar
    VP Regulatory Committee of CASIC
    Global Regulatory Affairs Manager- Edgewell Personal Care

    14:55-15:35 Regulation

    Managing compliance from ingredients to finished product

    Ken Bubeck

    15:35-16:00 BREAK    
    16:00-16:40 Trend

    Spotting the fakes in the age of social media

    Social media has become the fastest route to reach consumers and influence their buying decisions online, but that doesn’t come without a risk to brands.

  • Discover the risks that cosmetics brands face on social media, from identifying sellers of counterfeit goods to dealing with fake review.
  • Emma Monks
    Head of Trust & Safety
    Crisp Thinking

    16:40-17:20 Compliance

    Addressing implications of REACH from the perspective animal testing

    The cosmetics testing and marketing bans continue to be of great political and ethical significance, as was evident earlier this year when an overwhelming majority of MEPs voted in favour of working towards a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

    Dr Julia Baines
    Science Policy Advisor,
    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

    17:20-17:30 BREAK    
    17:30-18:10 Claims

    Safer cosmetics through in vitro science

    How to combine regulatory methods with exciting new advances

  • This session will examine case studies from some early-adopters who are taking the application of in vitro data to the next level and consider the feasibility of applying exciting new techniques to the cosmetics of the future.
  • Dr Carol Treasure
    CEO & Founder

    18:10-19:30   Group activity, networking and drinks evening  

    Wednesday, 10th October

    Time   Regulation and Standards Speaker
    08:00-08:15   Registration  
    08:15-08:25 Welcome

    Review day 1

    Richard Hesk
    Cosmetics Business

    08:30-09:10 Country focus

    The US and what matters to its millennials

    Ulli Haslacher, founder of beauty brand Pour Moi Skincare, will be covering the latest changes in US policy and how to remain compliant under the current administration.

  • Learn the best practices in Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, the FDA’s Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program and the case for self-regulation.
  • Ulli Haslacher
    Pour Moi Skincare

    09:10-09:50 Country focus

    Reducing ‘red tape’ in the Indian Market

    There has never been a better time to enter this dynamic and prospering market. The market size of India’s cosmetics and personal care market is expected to significantly grow over the next few years.

  • This session will outline regulations and compliance issues of this unique market, including requirements and expectations surrounding vegetarian and non-vegetarian products
  • Dr Omprakash Chandrashekar
    Vyomus Consulting

    09:50-10:20 BREAK    
    10:20-11:00 Compliance

    The impact of the new poison centres regulation

    EU regulation states that poison centres must be appointed to receive information on the composition of hazardous formulas, which consumers might be exposed to.

  • This session will cover the poison centre’s requirements and information needed to comply with this new regulation.
  • Alan Ritchie
    Associate REACH and Product Stewardship

    11:00-11:40 Trend

    Generation Z: Crafting claims for teens and tweens

    Today, millennials and Gen Z consumers are looking beyond product in order to find out what a brand really stands for. Prioritising ethical values that align with their own, these consumers are increasingly calling time on those who fail to live up to their claims.

  • Namrata Nayyar-Kamdar will be sharing her expertise in millennial and Gen Z consumer insights, brand strategy and positioning
  • Namrata Nayyar-Kamdar

    11:40-12:20 Trend

    Digital marketing – compliance challenges with intangible products

    Over the past years ‘digitalisation’ has grown significantly in the beauty industry and companies need to decide how they intend to embrace this going forward, particularly in light of the new GDPR legislation. What impact will GDPR have on such a digital strategy (i.e. use of websites, beauty apps, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) to engage with consumers whilst being so dependent on the use of ‘big personal consumer data’?

    This session will cover the following topics:

  • How companies generate their consumer data
  • How can companies utilise online consumer satisfaction surveys for claims substantiation
  • How companies can use consumer-generated content on product websites
  • What role do influencers play and what regulations should be applied
  • Who promotes with ‘out of this world’ claims
  • Raphael Sauerwein
    KTN Dr. Neuberger GmbH

    12.20-13:15 LUNCH  
    13:15-13:55 Claims

    Assessing exposure in silico: data modelling and regulation for fragrance materials

    Exposure to fragrance materials in cosmetics and personal care products can be estimated using a computer model of consumer behaviour and product formulation. These estimates can be used to establish safe limits and the model illustrates the benefits of industry-wide collaboration.

    Dr John O’Brien

    13.15-14:45 Round table

    Regulatory advisory panel

    The does and don’ts of Marketing claims

  • Gain an insight into compliance management from a regulatory and marketing perspective
  • Panel TBC

    14:45-15:05 BREAK    
    15:10-15:50 Claims

    Updates to the ISO standard for natural and organic products

    Carmen Esteban Sanchidrián
    Technical Regulatory Consultant

    15:50-16:20 Compliance

    The Responsible Person – who, why, when & how?

    Richard Bartlett
    Manager, Europe
    Delphic HSE

    16:20-16:30   Review of day two  
    16:30 CLOSE